Noise Reduction Technologies

For Improvements In Quality

Of Life For All”


Aerobine was founded in September 2008 with a broad objective of introducing low-noise turbomachinery devices in market place that will bring improvements in quality of life to people around those devices. Over 5 years of research and development with a key patent filing in April, 2008, Aerobine technology saw its first fruit in a new breed of high-speed dental handpieces with significantly reduced airborne noise levels.  The first prototype turbine cartridge was developed in 2008 and has gone through several generations of further development since then. Aerobine is now introducing high-speed dental/dental lab handpiece products and related handpiece care systems under its own brand names beginning with the North American Regional Market (US and Canada) in 2010.


Corporate office is located in San Diego California.  Sales and product supports are also provided at the same location.